Ever remember those Childhood Summer Vacations and all those happy memories of getting to spend more time playing rather studying. It was during one evening of such vacation when my mom asked me to help her fold the dried clothes. Looking at my pained and not interested expression, like any other mom or parent she offered me a bribe. One extra Mango for that day. Excited about the extra mango, I did help her that day and then the next few days. My task was to fold the easy items first starting from towels and pillow covers. I must say even though I started helping my mom only for my Mango Madness, I really did enjoy helping her and learning stuff from her. Now that I think back it is not just her that’s happy with me spending time folding clothes with her, I enjoyed that time too.

Some of us just treat these household chores as petty tasks and leave them for Mom or Wife. But I am happy to say I and many of us in this generation are able to manage and help do these things. Thanks to my Mom I mastered folding blankets and Shirts and T-shirts and the list goes on. I can Iron and fold Shirts like a pro.

I used to watch my flatmate struggle with this and finally, just taking all the clothes and throw them all in the closet and then cribbing about the shirt being all crumpled/ wrinkled when he wants to wear it. I would just smile by myself and thank both my madness for mangoes and my mom for always using it to get the best out of me in the end.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda