History of Grandparents Day:

The first Grandparents Day was celebrated in 1978. An auspicious day to honor grandparents, Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day in United States and several other countries. This respectable day marks the celebration of all grandparents, who play a significant role in lives of numerous young people and their families. It is not just a day to sell cards and flowers and present them your grandparents, but it is observed for honoring the grass roots that have made efforts to keep the generations continuous. Grandparents Day is commemorated mainly for three purposes: honoring grandparents, giving grandparents an opportunity to shower their love for their children’s children, and helping children become aware of the strength, information, and guidance older people can offer. Grandparents Day is not an age-old celebration, but it sure has an interesting history to narrate.

It’s time to decide how one should celebrate it. Here are some great ways I am going to celebrate and enjoy National Grandparents Day this year:

  1. Play a card game with grandparents

I will invite my grandparents to home and will play their favorite card game from their youth. Hope to get the whole family involved and allow the youngsters to learn from their elders.


  1. Cook Grandma’s favorite food!

I will try to get my family together and cook family lunch/dinner! I will be cooking my grandma’s signature dish. I know she will get involved in the cooking automatically watching me cook her fav dish.


  1. Take a trip down memory lane

Will try to make a trip with my grandparents where they grew up. Will allow them to take all of their grandchildren where they enjoyed their former years. This will be great for my grandparents and all the younger members of family as there really isn’t anything better than learning from elders.

  1. Make a family tree together

Will get all the family photographs out and sit and make a family tree with my grandparents. This is the ideal opportunity for them to begin reminiscing and talking about their relatives and it’s also something the whole family can keep for years to come.

  1. Watch a family movie

Come on, we all have those embarrassing family movies where you’re in a nappy running around with a big smile on your face…probably dribbling! I am sure that my grandparents would probably love to see these and relive fond memories.

Ensure you celebrate this Grandparents Day with your loved ones and learn from the values your elders have maintained all these years by spending time with them .


Do let me know any more Ideas on How you are planning to celebrate Grandparents Day.

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