Title- Second Chance
Author- Dr. Sandeep Jatwa
Publisher- Educreation Publishers

Every single choice we make and chance we take will have its own consequence. Any deed once done cannot be undone, and word spoken cannot be taken back. And all of us at one point or the other must have regretted some decision and wished we had a SECOND CHANCE. And sometimes we might not have analysed or understood how any of these would have impacted others, be it because of EGO, selfishness or our pride or might simple be because we have never cared about that.

The Author, Dr. Sandeep Jatwa, has taken this exact point and used his imagination and creativity to pen down this amazing story of our protagonist Shekhar Kapoor. A man in his mid-30s, Rich and owner of a Shoe brand, does not give a second thought about others.. Just all the badness you can think of in one person. He avoids multiple warnings from his well-wishers or in this case the warnings from city of Justice. And ultimately gets killed in an accident. Cut scene he enters City Of Justice where he will be showed what all he had done wrong or rather what all he would have done right if only he got a Second Chance. This mixture of fiction and fantasy is pictured very clearly and neatly by the author.

Exemplifying the life of Shekhar Kapoor through this story, Author tried to show us all how beautiful and precious one’s life is and how well we can lead and help others. How, a small act of kindness will fill someone life with positivity and the other way round.

Show love, be kind in your own way and good things always follow you. We might not get a second chance like Shekhar did, but we better life the best way not needing any other chances. Passing down a powerful message of not ignore the people who care for you and respect you using fantasy is a very brave attempt by the author considering that it is his first published Novel. And I must say it paid up very well.

Overall i will rate this book 5/5 in terms of writing style and story.