More Than A Friend, But Less Than A Lover…

I have a really good friend which I met through work; her name was “Secret”. I loved this girl. She was my #1 favorite person at my place of employment. She was so funny, I loved her laugh, I loved spending time with her, and she was just great overall. She’s been through some tough times in her life, but it’s something I can relate with her as my life wasn’t exactly peachy either.

She had a Boyfriend, which I believe I’ve talked to before, but she’s never introduced us. The only way I knew she was in a relationship through my other coworkers who told me she’s in a relationship. That’s the only thing I don’t like about our friendship.

But alas, I loved spending time with her. I used to call her my number #1. My favorite. She loved the attention and she enjoyed spending time with me too.

One night, a friend and coworker of ours had a house party and he invited the both of us. I was actually staying at his place at the time so I told “her” that she could stay the night too, since she lived pretty far away and staying the night seemed appropriate as the party was going to happen all night long and we were going to get totally drunk.

I had a blast. I stuck to “her” like glue and she too was with me whole time. I was having fun with my best friend, My No1

Then something happened that night that should not have happened but good thing is that nobody came to knows what happened that night, and if they do, they haven’t said anything to me or her about it. And as far as I’m concerned, she still had a Boyfriend and my coworkers have warned me not to give her the wrong impression, but I loved the girl … she’s my buddy, my number #1. My cuddle buddy.

I’ll admit though, I’m not sure how I feel about her, at least romantically. I don’t know if I feel that way towards her. I don’t think I do at least, but I am confident that I do love her as a friend, but for some reason it feels more than that.

More than a friend, but less than a lover if that makes sense … but it does seem like being this way with her is wrong in other people’s eyes. I love spending time with her and being with her. No matter how close of friends we have become, we will never be couple.

Few days went by and than i got an marriage invitation card. Though i didn’t go to her marriage but my blessings will always be with her. I believe it was not meant to be…

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