Once upon a time there was a long weekend. It was a hot day and nothing much to do. I realized there is a newly turned up place perfect for a day like this that can spread joy and happiness. Too good to be real?? I am talking about a newly open place, IONA , that has arcade games and bowling alley. It is located in Virginia Mall, which is considerably a newly constructed mall in Bangalore. I know there are several places in Bangalore for all this but trust me this one worth the visit. It is a place where you can spend entire day with family or friends. The best part is, they have sufficient rides & activities for both kids and adults.

I have always been a big fan of arcade gaming and here I found all new games like Plants Vs. Zombies, Subway Surfers, Kung Fu Panda and many more.

Let me give you a overview what all you can find at IONA

For one to enjoy the rides and various arcade games at IONA, you need to get a recharge card at the counter with a recharge of a minimum amount of Rs 500, valid for 6 months. There are many recharge plans to load your cards. Load with Rs 500 and you will get Balance as Rs 500. Load with Rs 1000 and you will get Balance of Rs 1200. And it goes ON. Here is the list of all the recharge options.


The arena has not just games to offer but also food & drinks to enjoy while having fun. Once you enter the arena, on the right side of the counter you will see eatery joint, Gillys, where you can have snacks and drinks and while watching your favorite sports matches, mostly cricket and football matches.


Right next to the Gillys, you can find a well maintained & one of a kind, 3 lane Silver Bowling Alley. The bowling area is what i liked the most. The lights and glow which you get under UV light is amazing. Price of Bowling during weekday’s (Mon-Thurs) is Rs 200 and during Weekend (Friday-Sunday) is Rs 250. My shoulder was damaged so could not try my hands on bowling but I am sure you all will love it.

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On the left side of bowling you will find two 22 yards pitches installed by Smash where you can show your batting skills. It’s the best ever virtual cricket experience where you have the best bowlers in the country to bowl for you. You will get 7 overs to play the best bowlers at Rs 300 during Monday-Thursday and Rs 350 during Friday-Sunday and Public Holiday.

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Then comes my favorite F1 Racing Simulator. This was the first time i was trying it and when you drive it, it actually feels so REAL with all the pressure & vibrations you feel on the driving wheel, especially when you take a turn or hit another car. Per ride it will cost you Rs 120 on weekdays and Rs 160 on weekends.

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After that we went to Pirate Hook arcade game in which you have catch all the fishes. Good game for kids. Tried my hands, won few tickets.


I was overjoyed to see one of my favorite movie animated character in the form of an arcade game, Kung Fu Panda. This game allows you to actually feel like a warrior wherein you have to use both your hands quickly to fight the evil & save the day. I tried my hands on this game but sadly lost to my wife. You can play this game for Rs 60 on weekdays and Rs 70 on weekends.

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Then came the chance of the Minion Wacker. Just like any other game you have to hit the Minion coming up but it comes with a twist. The minion in this rotates while coming up, sometimes to Yellow and sometimes to Purple. So you will have to be extremely careful not to hit the yellow one and only the Purple (bad) ones. You can play this game for Rs 50 on weekdays and Rs 60 on weekends.

Then comes the game ICube which I am sure will make you greedy. I and my wife spent most of our time on this game trying our luck to win an IPad, which was one of the prize. In this game, you have to stop the “S” which will be travelling on a rod at the number/alphabet which you want to win. If you stop the “S” at the right time and at the right spot, you can have the chance to win the item of your choice. The price for playing this game are very reasonable, Rs 70 on weekdays and Rs 90 on weekends.


Apart from all these games there were many others arcade games like, Black Hole, Ticket Monster, Sharp Shooter, Few App games like Fruit Ninja, Plants vs Zombies, Pacman Smash, Subway Surfer and many many many more games.

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The best thing I loved about IONA is that it has everything for everyone. For Kids, they have Kids zone where they can spend quality time and have fun and Pool tables for adults.

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And this is not it they have a 7D ride which is one of its kind. I have not seen something like this at least anywhere in Bangalore. It is an experience of roller coaster without actually being on one. I literally do not have words to describe, I guess one has to experience it for him/her self.

Also they are coming up with 360 degree VR ride that will actually turn you upside down. I am surely looking forward for this one.

All in all, it was a day well spent and it gave me so many reasons to come back and I am sure I will definitely be back here multiple times.

A quick pro tip as to WHY is IONA different from other arcade games zones

1) You don’t have to worry about the tickets that you win. That is handled digitally in the card given by IONA
2) They have Kids Zone for Kids, Pool Table for Adults and 7D ride for both kids and Adults. So IONA is for all age groups.
3) They have India’s first ever Silver Bowling Alley & an amazing virtual cricket pitch.
4) The staff is very helpful.
5) The location, IONA is situated in Virginia Mall which is near to many IT companies.
6) New and interesting Arcade games.

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