Dear Zindagi,

I am writing this letter to you to appreciate you for all the love and affection I have got and same time there are some complaints too.

You have been nice to me most of the time as you have given me understanding parents, a strong brother and a beautiful wife and many other people who have helped me throughout my life and have taken away many people as well which made me realize the importance of each and every one in my life.

From the Day 1 of my life I was treated as “Maa ka Ladla” as I was youngest one in my family. And as the time went by I went to school where I got many friends who are still there for me. These friends are the best thing to happen to me in my life as they were always there to support me in my thin and thick time. And during the time of school I got to meet the 1st love of my life, my first GirlFriend.

As the time passed by I went to many cities of India with my family and friends, partied with people, made some new friends, lost some old friends and finally I completed my 10th and then 12th with flying colors.

With great parents, good friends and a beautiful girlfriend with me you and me were going pretty well but what happened to us during my Bachelor’s degree. I think during that time you ignored me completely. All of my friends went to different college, my girlfriend left me, my exam scores were falling continuously and my parents were always scolding me which led me to bad company and use of drugs. Where were you? Were you on BREAK or something?

Anyways, during that time I somehow managed without you being on my side, I think that is the part of package you provide so to make me and everyone learn to stand on our own feet.

After completing my Bachelors and staying in Chandigarh for like 20 years, it was my time to move to totally different part of where I was staying, Tamil Nadu where I went to complete my Master’s Degree and it was good feeling this time as you were by my side again.

Those 3 years went good, got to meet new friends, had great teachers and went to many places in south which I never thought in my 20years life I will be visiting and more over I got job as well at the end of my master’s degree.

During my working days in MNC you were by my side and I was lucky to meet Sneha, my wife now, who helped me during my stay in the company by teaching me and I got to learn a lot from her.

And as the time passed by, we (me and Sneha) became closer and finally tied the knot after the blessings from our parents and settled in Bangalore.

I have got so many people around me to love me just because I have someone like you with me and I am really thankful to you for this. But at the same time I want my self to be able to return that love. I feel like I fall short many times. I would really like if you can teach me how to show love and appreciations to others, so they can also feel what I feel. You have given me everything a guy can ask for. I know sometimes things go wrong. Not every day can be the best day of life. There have been bad days but I do not blame you for that. As now I look back it seems like everything happened for a reason. I have no regrets. At least I was able to make my own choices. Thank you for giving everything you have and you will.

We have been doing well so far and I hope that we will be best friend for rest of my Zindagi.


Abhinav Sood.


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