When someone thinks of starting as social media campaign, the biggest problem is they don’t seem to find a starting point. Then “Blogmint” comes to picture. It’s is super easy to use and main thing is it provides that platform where brand and influencer can connect. Whether you are a brand and trying to promote your product or as influencer you want to do some campaigns and earn money through the social platforms(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Blogging) which you have connected, Blogmint is your one stop solution.

Blogmint works on 4 simple steps

  1. Discover Campaigns
  2. Apply for Campaigns
  3. Submit Blog/ Complete your Work Order on time
    1. Get Paid.

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I am myself an influencer and I joined Blogmint about a year ago and since then I have done so many social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Blog. It allows you to connect all your social media profiles together. It is super easy to find on going campaigns according to your interest and apply for them and once it is approved you can start your work as per directed. They even provide easy tracking of your completed campaigns and payments.


You will get notifications for newly created campaigns in email and in message box in Blogmint (according to your preference) so you don’t miss out on anything. You can even connect to fellow influencer who are at top of their game. It makes life easier, you don’t have to run around ask people. This is as easy as it gets.


Also you have a great chance to win Rs 1000 Cash. All you need to do is REFER YOUR BLOGGER BUDDIES.


So what are you waiting for. Get connected and start blogging. It’s all about Blogging Vlogging!

Join Blogmint from here:

Hi Friends,I just registered myself on Blogmint.com. Amazing platform to monetize your Blogs,YouTube Video or Tweet. http://blogmint.ref-r.com/c/i/7230/3013602