Recently (17th June 2016) i have been to a event hosted by IBM called #IBMDevConnect where people from IBM and other companies who were in technology domain were sharing their knowledge.

This event was to showcase on what IBM is working on and mind you, they are working on almost everything. Its just the beginning.

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IBM displayed their OS Watson which many people used and are using to make their life easy. Also many developers are using WATSON to build many application which can be used by end users that provides them a helping hand in taking decisions about the life changing scenarios like an app called Meeka which use WATSON to plan your wedding.


Event started with a very beautiful dance performance. The opening act was too magnificent that i could not wait for the main event to get started.

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The whole event was divided into different zone where people can try, play, develop and get hands on experience of IBM Technologies that were being told inside the auditorium.

As soon as we entered first we saw “Experience Zone”, where developers can have hands on, live demos of IBM technology.

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Zone 1 was all about Cloud and mobile where demos of below technologies were going on

  1. Community wallet and Smart City: A concept by Spice Digital
  2. Build and run Swift Code at lighting speed
  3. Make you food mobile apps great with MobileFirst and IBM BlueMix
  4. Swift Sandbox: Write, execute and share Swift code on top of Linux
  5. Real time and targeted content to enrich mobile experience
  6. IBM Design Thinking Process and Workflows
  7. Rapidly design and deploy process applications on the Cloud with BPMoC
  8. Build your own cloud Video Service with stream
  9. Integrate your application with Aspera Software Developer Kit.
  10. Spark your IT Operational Analytics on Cloud
  11. All your Apps, Perfectly in Sync: API Connect
  12. Secure your data on Cloud and Mobile beyond company walls

Zone 2 was all about Developer Works where you can try hands on with the swift code and to build your applications. It was all about Interactive Experience of IBM developerWorks Premium


Blockchain is an environment where you can develop and deploy your code in less then 15mints. In this zone you could have all the hands on experience and see the Blockhain Environment and how to monetize devices with Blockchain scenarios.

Blockchain enables a comprehensive view of all IGF operations. Can be used in the areas of trade finance , syndicated loans, supply chain finance.



In this zone you had 15 minutes lab where you can try and develop a code in less than 15 minutes.

  1. Build your virtual call center using WATSON NLC
  2. Applying IBM WATSON to News Feeds to Power Your Application
  3. Accelerate your Apache Spark ML/DL workloads with POWER8 & GPU’s
  4. Create, Connect Collect -IoT
  5. Analyze IoT Data in Real Time using RTI and Apache Spark
  6. PiCam Image Analysis using Alchemy API


Speakers presented in the session were

    1. Prashant Bhuyan, Co- Fouder, CEO & CTO  Alpha Modus
    2. Sunder Somasundaram, CTO for loT Platforms and Services AT&T
    3. Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer, IBM Digital
    4. Mike Rhodin, Sr. Vice President, IBM WATSON
    5. Michael Gilfix, Vice President, Mobile & Process Transformation, IBM Coud
    6. Sriram Raghvan Director, IBM Research
    7. Shalini Kapoor, Chief Architect-lot Ecosystem, IBM LoT
    8. Sandy Carter, DM, Developer Ecosystem and Startups + Social Business Evangelist, IBM Cloud
    9. Lee Faus, Technical Sales Director at GitHub
    10. Tanmay Bakshi, WATSON Developer
    11. Pradeep Balachandran, Program Director- Dev Ops Tools and Eclipse Platform Development, IBM Cloud
    12. Promodh Ramesh, Senior Offering Mange, Interaction Services-API Connect, IBM Cloud
    13. Palanivel Kodeswaran, Research Staff Member-Mobile Security, Privacy, Policy Based Systems, IBM Reasearch
    14. Arun Ramakrishnan, Tech lead – Service Provisioning, IBM Digital marketplace, IBM Cloud
    15. Simon Wheatcroft, Ultra marathoner and Runkeeper user
    16. Magesh Rajamani, WATSON Solutions IBM WATSON
    17. Purushothaman K Narayanan, WATSON Implementations, IBM WATSON
    18. Vikas Raykar, IBM Research
    19. Manisha Sharma, Offering Manager- Platform & Industry Solution Provider Ecosystem, IBM loT
    20. Vidyasagar S Machupalli, Developer Advocate- Cloud and Mobile, IBM Cloud
    21. Jeffrey Dare, Engineer – WATSON loT, IBM loT
    22. Thejaswini Ramachandra- Senior Product Manager, IBM Cloud
    23. Vanitha Narayanan, Managing Director, IBM India