Couple a days back, I came back from work, tired, as usual. My wife opened the door for me and asked me how was the day while making her way back to kitchen. She works too and reaches home half an hour before me. As I sat on sofa to catch my breath she continued working in kitchen and talking to me. This is how evening starts everyday. But this day was different. It made me realize something which was always there in front of my eyes but I never realized before. She lives the same work life as me and unlike me who is done with work every evening she comes back home and work as wife. She works as hard as in office or even more with smile on her face and same time keeping it interactive so we don’t miss out on our time together. I decided to help her but all the work that a woman does is not that easy. Then she took a pile of clothes and started going towards washing machine. Well I found something I can help her with. I rushed and grabbed those clothes from her and said let me. She was surprised. She gave me crash course on how does she exactly do it. She uses Ariel Matic and told me side by side how its better than all the others. It was an interacting conversation. All that time she didn’t leave my sight though but I could see that she was happy. Its not just about sharing the work, it also gave us few more minutes with each other. We had fun. Its not a rocket science so I think I did okay. From that day on-words I also got my share of work at home.


Yes I know its not a lot but even this much is enough to make difference. She got that tiny little burden off her shoulders. I just took up one job of washing clothes and it gave her relief and me few more minutes with her.

Thank you Ariel India for making me understand that sharing Load can make a relation even more strong.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.