About 5 years ago, in final year of my college I got placed in MNC my career was about to start. Before joining they had some online tests to be completed. As I was in holiday spirit, I wasn’t much interested in studying during the time I had after college and before my job. One day when I was killing my time on Facebook, I saw one girl from my college online. She was in different section and was friends with my roommate during college years. We were Facebook friends but actually never talked in that entire duration of college. I don’t know why, but I asked her whether she can complete those tests for me. I guess i took a chance there. But fortunately she said YES. I told her I will buy her a burger when we meet as I was never expecting to meet her. I happily went to Vashino Devi and when I came back I saw all my tests were done. I got my joining date and location. On the first day of office, i was nervous and excited too. I got off the bus and started walking towards the gigantic gate of an IT park and little did I know that my entire future was waiting for me there. As I walked I heard someone calling my name. I turned back to look and there she was, the girl who completed those tests for me. She said she didn’t know anyone else and I was the only familiar face that she saw. We walked together towards the office. Soon enough we became good friend. I think we were(still are) same kind of crazy. We had our own jokes that no one else could understand and we laughed a lot together sometime for no reason. She did get into a lot of trouble because of me but never complained about it. Friendship grew deeper and deeper. Yes we do have our fare share of bad times also. But every time we fell we came right back up higher than ever. Nothing was hidden from the world. Anyone could tell that we were meant to be. I used to drive her home from office and in return she used to cook my favorite food. She didn’t know cooking, she never entered kitchen in her house. She was a typical example of over pampered single child but she learned for me, got burnt for me(it was an accident though, i was trying to help). Soon enough there it was,  our WEDDING DAY. (officially no one proposed). Its been 2 and half years since we got married. We still laugh a lot and do crazy stuff together. We are family yet friends forever. She still cooks my favorites for me. There is no single moment to remember its a life. I did took her out for the burger that i promised and many more after that.

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