#1 Travel Pillow


Travel Pillow + Ear Plugs + Eye Mask

Leaning towards the window could disturb your sleep. This travel pillow blocks your movement and gives you a peaceful sleep. Whether you are traveling by flight, bus or car, this travel pillow can be easily attached to the back of your seat. It is an inflatable pillow and hence can be deflated when not in use. The second alternative is a full 3 in 1 travel set that comprises of ear buds to block external noise, eye mask to block light or sun rays and a travel pillow which easily fits on the top of your seat.

#2 Electronic Luggage Scale

Electronic luggage scale

This portable weighing scale is a useful device for frequent fliers. This luggage will ensure that you don’t exceed the baggage allowance limit.

#3 Vacuum Seal Bags


Vacuum Seal Storage Bag

Your bag tends to get stuffed even if you have just packed a few pairs. With these vacuum seal storage bags, you can now pack more than you thought your bag could accommodate. Pack clothes in smaller sets and simply compress it as shown in the picture.

#4 Charging Holder


Mobile Charging Holder

In a train or in a hotel room, there are charging points which are located at a height and there is no shelf to place your phone or any other device. With this charging holder, you can simply plug in your charger anywhere and use it

#5 Selfie Stick


Whether you are on your honeymoon or on a trip with your gang, this selfie stick lets you click super cool pictures without any one missing out in the picture. The best part is that you don’t need to bother fellow tourists to click your pictures.

#6 Handbag Organizer


Travel Organisers

An organizer is an understated yet a must have travel accessory. You can choose from a huge collection of organizers and pick a few that suit your requirements. For instance, the first organizer (top left) is a ready to use shaving kit which includes everything that a man needs for shaving – razor, blade, shaving cream and so on; the second one is ideal for women as the large slots help them carry their sun screen lotions, perfumes & serums and the last one is ideal for both men and women as it stores gadgets and its important accessories.