Is Mini-Pockets aka ‘fifth pocket’ in jeans is for some use or its just a fashion ‘thing‘!

Was there ever a time in your life when you looked at your jeans and thought ‘Hey what are those tiny little pockets doing there?’ Does it have a utility or is it just a fashion ‘thing’? Thanks to the jean makers perfect explanation to what the mini-pockets have been doing there in your jeans since 1873.

So in loving memory of the mini-pocket here are dozen uses of the fifth pocket that you can try in the modern times.

Use it as a music player pocket: It’s great to hold a small iPod or mp3 player.

Use it as a comb pocket: You can fit a small comb in there for any hair emergencies.

Use it as a floss pocket: A small pack of floss can fit in there for spinach-in-teeth emergencies.

Use it as a mouth freshener pocket: A small pack of gum or mouth-freshener can fit in there.

Use it as a plectrum holder: Plectrums are so easy to lose. Never lose them again with your very own plectrum pocket!

Use it for your favorite cosmetic: It’s great as a lipstick or lip balm pocket. Alternatively, it can store a small tube of mascara, or even a small mirror.

Use it as plaster pocket: Perfect for band-aids. Recommended for clumsy folks.

Use it as tissue pocket: You never know when you might need one. Use it as lighter pocket

Use it as as ticket pocket: The technical tailoring term for the watch pocket is a “ticket pocket” and this is quite apt because you can genuinely use it for ticket-storing purposes. You can use it for train tickets, bus tickets or cinema tickets.

Use it as a Swiss army knife pocket: In case you need a can opener or corkscrew at a second’s notice.

Use it as a flag holder: It’s Independence Day and your arm is getting tired from waving your flag. Never fear, flag-holder-pocket is here!  Let the fashion do the patriotism for you.

Use it as a key pocket and it’s great as a USB memory stick pocket too.

And yes, for keeping Condoms too.