While the “Like” button on Facebook has traditionally been a quick and fun way to respond to a post, the truth is that it’s not always appropriate. “Liking” certain posts. Thankfully, starting yesterday, that’s about to change.

The social network giant, Facebook, has just announced a brand new feature called Reactions which is essentially an extension of the Like button. Now, in addition to the thumbs-up there’s Love, Ha-Ha, Wow, Sad and Angry. Love is signified by a heart symbol while the rest are animated emoji.


Image Credit: Facebook

Here is what Sammi Krug, Product Manager behind Reactions, have to say: People come to Facebook & we kept hearing feedback from people that there wasn’t an easy way to express empathy for these different kinds of posts.

On asking why still there is no Dislike Button, Krug says by this way users will have more ways to express themselves.